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Using Miilu to Collaborate With Caterers

It’s the day of the wedding — the day that Sarah has been dreaming about her entire life. Everything is going off without a hitch, and you — the event coordinator — have loved playing a part in watching sweet Sarah’s dreams come true. The ceremony goes by, the cocktail hour passes and it’s time for the reception to begin. All seems to be going off without a hitch — until Sarah’s new mother-in-law comes storming up to you (and not just a tiny storm; she is a tornado you see coming from miles away!) You see, the reception dinner is Sarah’s favorite — a delicious seafood medley. Crab cakes, lobster tail and clam chowder, oh my! However, Sarah’s mother-in-law has a seafood intolerance and is allergic to anything that is found in the ocean, and now she 1) is surviving off of the few carrot sticks that are left from the appetizers table 2) is hangry and blaming it on YOU, even though the caterers were specifically told to fix her a different plate!

Want to avoid a scary mother-in-law scenario from ever happening again, and be sure caterers are kept up to speed on every need? Here is how you can use Miilu to help!

Miilu allows everyone who is a part of an event to communicate through the app, so all communication is kept in one place to reference later on. You can use Miilu’s Collaboration feature to invite your client and caterer to use Miilu at no cost to them! Then, you can create a group message with you, the client and the caterer to finalize different aspects of the day — what their budget will be, if they will have a waitstaff and what food they are going to serve that day! Again, the messages never disappear, so they are always in the app as a reference point.

Miilu’s Timeline Feature allows everyone who is a part of the app to see when timeline events are happening. After you message in the app about what needs to be done when (with all of your vendors) and have created the day-of timeline, your caterer will be able to view and access the timeline while on the go! Their schedule will never be lost or on a piece of paper that accidentally was thrown away, and they will always know what time to bring the salads to guests, or when the soup needs to be served!

After you create the timeline, you and your caterers can add notes to each individual timeline event! And, every time an event is updated with a new note, each member of the event will receive a notification, along with an “Updated” label being added to the event itself! (Note: the label is not permanent, but will stay on the timeline event until it is viewed once). Now, under “Dinner is Served,” the caterer can note to “create a separate spread for guests who are allergic to the main dish!” For caterers, notes are great for making sure dietary needs are met, guests and the wedding party are served in the proper order and for dictating when to prepare different foods throughout the events of the day!

Last, the caterer will be able to keep track of all of the important event details — such as the address of the venue, the event date and the event start and end times — with Miilu’s Event Info feature! There is also a specific notes feature for the Event Info itself; this is often a great place to include the venue owner’s contact info, parking instructions for the caterer when they come to deliver the food, etc. Think about it — let’s say the caterer would like to go by the reception venue two days before the event and store some food in the venue’s fridge. They can simply look up the contact info for the venue, make sure the owner gives them the ok and then use the address provided to go and get things done — without ever contacting the event coordinator or the bride! Super simple, right?!

Food is a significant part of a wedding day, but should not be stressful to plan. Miilu will help reduce the stress event coordinators often feel, as you now have a way to seamlessly communicate with caterers! Let us know in the comments below how Miilu has helped you plan the yummy aspects of a wedding day!

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