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Podcasts for Planning Your Wedding Day Timelines

Our friends at the Bokeh Podcast have created several episodes that can help you with creating and organizing your wedding day timelines smoothly! Check out the list and be sure to give these episodes a listen!

Episode 323: Workflow Wednesday: Managing Timelines and Shot Lists With Miilu

Hosted By: Nathan, Haylee, Heather & Rich

Why This Episode Will be Helpful to You: The gang from Bokeh’s Workflow Wednesday will cover how to use Miilu to collaborate with all of your vendors to create day-of timelines easily!

Quote From Nathan: “Everybody gets to stay on the same page when it comes to the timeline, particularly those who are downloading the app…they’re going to be notified if there are any updates made to the timeline, and if you allow them, they’ll be able to go in and edit and update the app along with you!”

Episode 295: A Purposeful Wedding Photography Timeline

Special Guest: Ashlyn Cathey, owner of Ashlyn Cathey Photography based in Knoxville, Tennessee

Why This Episode Will be Helpful to You: Ashlyn covers the importance of living in the moment, and how wedding day timelines help you do that. She also shares her key notes for timelines and the biggest reasons why timelines DON’T work, so you can avoid making those mistakes!

Quote From Ashlyn: “Living in the moment, means leaving time for those moments to happen!”

Episode 254: Wedding Party Posing on a Time Crunch

Special Guest: Alina Thomas, owner of Alina Thomas Photography based in Leesburg, Virginia

Why This Episode Will be Helpful to You: Alina covers, step-by-step, the best flow for posing a wedding party so that you stay within the time allotted on the timeline, while still getting the highest-quality pictures!

Quote From Alina: “I realized that the bridal party could potentially be my next clients…one of my bride’s last year booked me because I shot her best friend’s wedding…she said I was the only photographer she reached out to because of the way I worked on that wedding day!”

Episode 206: The Significance of a Wedding Day Timeline

Special Guest: Lindsay Rozelle, owner of Luckybird Photography based in Toledo, Ohio

Why This Episode Will be Helpful to You: Lindsay shares tips on how to communicate the significance of a wedding day timeline to your client. She also shares initial questions you can ask to help build the timeline, along with what her ideal timeline looks like!

Quote From Lindsay: “The more that they (the clients) can get done beforehand,  I feel like the less stress that they have after the ceremony, because after the ceremony, people are more rushed!”

Episode 174: Workflow Wednesday: Wedding Day First Look and Portraits

Hosted By: Co-Hosts Nathan Holritz, Haylee Gaffin & Heather and Rich Smith, based in Chattanooga, TN

Why This Episode Will be Helpful to You: The Workflow Wednesday crew will share their best secrets to managing clients’ expectations when it comes to the timeline for the first look and wedding portraits!

Quote From Rich: “From the consultation, I say I want my hands on your timeline as much as possible. I tell them as a photographer, who is very experienced, I know how to create a timeline that will maximize the amount of amazing photos you receive on your wedding day!”

Episode 167: Workflow Wednesday: Photographing a Stress-Free Wedding

Hosted By: Nathan, Haylee, Heather & Rich

Why This Episode Will be Helpful to You: The regulars of Workflow Wednesday share tips on how to have stress-free wedding days, and how to to plan your timeline so you — and your clients — have no stress on the big day!

Quote From Heather: “Have the bridesmaids get ready and be ready so that they’re all around the bride (when she is getting dressed) — that makes for much more beautiful photos!”

We would love to hear what lessons you learned about wedding day timelines from these episodes! Tell us in the comments below!

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