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How Miilu Helps Event Planners Communicate Well With Clients

It’s three months before the wedding, and you are working hard with your bride to nail down all the details of her big day, big and small, to make sure everything is absolutely AMAZING! Needless to say, if the bride is like 95% of women in the world, she has been dreaming of this day for a really long time…and by really long time, we mean since she was eight years old and watching Disney Princess movies on a loop, anxiously awaiting her Prince Charming. She has a LOT of ideas she is constantly throwing at you — so what’s the best way to ensure every proposal is covered (no pun intended?!)

If you want to have successful, productive communication with your clients, Miilu is your solution! Here’s how Miilu can be used to exchange info with clients and plan the perfect day effortlessly!

The hassle that comes with trying to plan a wedding through multiple communication channels is over! Miilu’s Collaboration feature allows you to invite your client to use Miilu at absolutely no cost to them. Once you are in the Collaboration feature, click on Client, enter their name and email and it will send them the invitation to download the app! From then on, you and your client can use Miilu’s Messenger feature to exchange all information regarding the wedding in one place. This makes keeping records of your messages simple — all communication is kept in Miilu for easy reference!

Fun fact: the event creator has the ability to give clients permission on updating timelines (and shot lists). All you have to do is click on the client’s name in the Collab feature, and you can change their permissions from there. So, if you create an event, and you want total control over making the changes on the timeline, that is totally fine — you can just use the Messenger feature to implement the client’s requests, and then they can view them in the Timeline! Or, you can give your client permission to make changes to the timeline, as well. You may ask, “how will I know, though, if changes are made? How will I keep track of them?” which brings us to the next point…

If your client has editing permissions on the timeline, you will be notified of every change they make to the timeline! Whether the client is updating the time of her makeup appointment, or adding in a timeline event for brunch with her bridesmaids, you will receive a notification about it — and vice versa! If you make updates or additions to the timeline, they will receive a notification, as well. This ensures that no changes are made without you and your client being on the exact same page, creating seamless communication!

The Event Info feature allows you, and your client, to make notes that are all kept in one central location to reference, as well! You can make notes for timeline events, but let’s say you want an easy place to reference the ceremony venue owner’s contact information. Or, you want to include parking instructions for the client and her family for the day of the event. Adding notes to the Event Info feature ensures that every single piece of information you could dream of is kept in the app!

A wedding is a milestone event in one’s life — and you want that eight-year-old girl inside the bride, who has been dreaming of her big day for years, to be satisfied. Great communication helps to create that satisfaction, and using Miilu to work with clients will create smooth communication…it’s like the circle of life, but we will call it the circle of wedding planning. 

Have you used Miilu to collaborate with your clients and plan incredible weddings? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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