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How Miilu Helps Event Planners Communicate Well With Vendors

It’s four weeks before the wedding. You (the event coordinator) are talking on the phone with one of your wedding vendors (the baker). You are going over the final details for the wedding reception setup, and tell the baker to be ABSOLUTELY sure to be at the reception venue at 2 p.m. to drop off the cake and set up cupcakes. Only the baker forgets to write the time down after the phone conversation is over, and the day of the wedding, they show up at 4 p.m. (TWO hours late!) This throws off the reception setup and causes you to run behind on important tasks. Do you want to avoid this scenario and have clear, more effective communication with your vendors? Miilu is your solution — and here are the reasons why coordinating events is about to be simpler than EVER before.

Keep all communication, in one central location!

In today’s technology-driven society, there are about a million different channels of communication to choose from. This can be a good thing in certain instances, but when planning events, confusion can come from keeping track of information via phone calls, text messages, emails, Google docs, day planners…the list goes on and on!

With Miilu, all messages and communication with vendors are kept in one central location in the app! The Collaboration feature of Miilu allows an event coordinator to invite all of the vendors and clients to the event. The vendor will be able to see the timeline and can communicate via the Messenger feature with the event coordinator, other vendors, clients or a mix of the three in a group — all in one place! Communication with vendors is direct and can be referenced forever — no more texts getting deleted and having to back track on planning!

Help All Vendors Stay on the Same Page!

When planning a wedding, the timeline can constantly change. Schedules have to be moved around, shot lists have to be coordinated with the time of events and venues open and close at different times. Keeping track of multiple changes could be confusing for vendors, and changes can be forgotten about if they are verbally communicated and not written down immediately!

With Miilu, when you create timeline events with the Timeline feature, every vendor is automatically notified. Then, if you go back and later change times of assorted timeline events, every vendor is notified of this change with a push notification that will remain at the top of their app until it is marked as read. If you change the time of the florist to be at the ceremony site for floral setup from 2 to 2:30, every vendor is notified of the change, ensuring all vendors are on the same page in every aspect!

Avoid Having a Bride Break Out in Hives on Her Big Day!

Personal testimony time — I once day-of coordinated a wedding where the bride was gluten-free. However, only some of the dishes at the reception were gluten-free, because the bride wanted the caterers to serve a variety of dishes the guests could enjoy. Only problem? The bride and groom were the last people to eat, and the caterers forgot to fix her plate first….and forgot she was gluten-free. So by the time it was time for the happy couple to eat, the only food that had remained uneaten by the guests that was gluten-free were CARROT STICKS! The bride had carrot sticks for dinner on her wedding day.

The moral of the story is: if the caterer had used Miilu’s Notes feature to note under the “Dinner Served” timeline event that a plate needed to be fixed for the couple first, and that the bride was gluten-free, all of these problems would have been avoided! Everyone can forget information when verbally told — but the Notes feature makes sure these important details are never forgotten by vendors!

Steer clear of having frantic vendors BLOW up your phone!

Your vendor is fixing to hit the road to deliver the cupcakes, or bring the floral arrangements to the venue…and they just can’t remember the address. Or the name of the venue (after all, they have many events to keep track of). They frantically call you, but you are preoccupied helping the bride out at her hair and makeup appointments and do not hear your phone ring. They frantically search for where they could have written it down…to no avail.

Miilu helps your vendors avoid a frustrating situation like this! The Event Info feature lists all of the key info for an event in one central place: the name of the event, the name and address of every venue and the event date and time, so vendors can easily reference the “big picture” event info.

Leave Juggling to the Clowns!

Vendors have a lot to juggle (both literally and figuratively). No one wants to carry around all of their supplies, plus clipboards and binders full of event information. That is too much of a hassle!

That’s why Miilu is helpful for vendors — it literally fits in your pocket, and everyone always has their phone with them. When a vendor is on the go, they still access every detail of every event they are working on in the app! Miilu keeps organization easy, because all of the organizational details stay with the vendor, even when they are moving!

Whether you are working with college-aged pop musicians, the bride’s grandma serving as the caterer or a mom who has a side hustle as a makeup artist — Miilu can be used to coordinate with all of your vendors and make their lives, as well as yours, simpler than ever before!

Have you used Miilu to collaborate with vendors and create super cool events? Let us know in the comments below!

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