How/When Can I Contact Miilu?

Miilu’s support hours are Monday through Friday, 9am - 5pm EST.

We are closed on most major American national holidays: Memorial Day, Labor Day, July 4th, Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, as well as New Years Eve and New Year’s Day.

We also have lots of searchable information here on our FAQ site! If you have searched for information and cannot find what you are looking for, just click on the "Contact" link above to reach our support team.

How Do I Suggest Improvements to Miilu?

We love to hear feedback from our users here at Miilu!

You can give us feedback by clicking on the Contact link and submitting your ideas and suggestions!

Can I Get a Free Trial With Miilu?

When you create an account with Miilu, you can create and manage one event for free for 30 days. After creating and managing your one free event, you will then need a subscription to Miilu.

We offer the following subscription options:

  • TRIAL: Free; 1 active event for 30 days
  • STANDARD: $9.99/month for 4 active events
  • PREMIUM: $15.99/month for unlimited active events
  • STANDARD ANNUAL: $99.99/year (15% savings) for 4 active events
  • STANDARD PREMIUM: $159.99/year (15% savings) for unlimited active events


How to Create an Event in Miilu

1. Create a new event by clicking on the Create Event button.


2. You will be taken to the Create Event page. You can click on the camera icon to add an event picture and customize all of your event details there.


3. You can add an event location by either manually entering the address or by clicking on the location icon to search Google for the address. If the address is found, Google Maps will auto-fill the rest of the location's details for you. You can also add multiple locations to your event, as necessary. Then, click on Create Event. 


How to Update Event Info

. Select the event where the info is you wish to update, and then click on Event Info.


2. Go to the section of the event you wish to edit (Event Name, Venue, etc.) and click on where the text is to change the details. (In this example, the Start and End Times are changed). Then, press "Done" and click on the back arrow to save your changes.


3. A screen will appear that will ask you if you want to save your changes. Make sure to click Yes!


4. If you edit the times on an event, screens will appear asking if you would like to update the timeline and shot list to fit into your new time frame.


5. You will then get a notification that says, "Event updated successfully."


How to Invite Others to My Event

1. Once you select the event you want to invite others to, you are taken to this menu, where you will select Collab. 


2. After selecting the Collab button, you will be taken to this screen. Choose between inviting a Client or Team Member, and then select either Add Client or Invite Member. 


3. Then, type in the name and email of the Client/Team Member you are inviting, and wait for them to accept your invite!


How to Archive an Event

If you are finished with an event, but don't want to permanently delete the event, you can choose to Archive the event. 

1. After you select the event you wish to Archive, you are taken to this menu. Then, click on the three dot button.   


2. Click on Archive Event.


3. Click Yes to save your event in the archives!


4. You can locate you archived events in Settings by clicking on the Archived Events tab.  


How to Delete an Event

1. After you select the event you wish to delete permanently, you are taken to this menu. Then, click on the three dot button.   


2. Click on Delete Event.


3. Click Yes to permanently delete your event.


Adding Notes to Event Info

We know that in the process of working with your client or collaborating with other vendors, you’re going to want to make or share specific notes about your Event Info. We’ve now made this possible! 


1. Select the event you wish to make notes on, and then click on Event Info.


2. Click on the notepad icon.


 3. Then, you will be taken to the Notes section. Click on the addition icon to begin creating a note!


4. Enter your note in the "Add Note" section of your Event Info. Press "Done," then click on the back arrow to go to your Notes section, where your note should automatically be saved!


5. You can add multiple notes by clicking on the addition icon, creating your note, and then pressing the "Done" button. All of your notes should then appear in the Notes section!


6. Last, when you to back to your main "Events" screen, any event that you have made a note on will have a notepad icon added to it!


Editing Notes in Event Info

1. When you are on your Events home page, click the note icon on the event with the note you wish to edit!


2. Click on the note you wish to edit.


3. You will be taken to a screen that says "Edit Note." Make your edits, press "Done," then click on the back arrow to be sure your note is saved with the changes!


4. You will be taken to your Notes screen, and your edits will be saved!


Deleting Notes in Event Info

1. When you are on your Events home page, click the note icon on the event with the note you wish to delete!


2. SWIPE RIGHT on the Event Info note you wish to delete, and then click on the trash can icon.


3. Select Yes, and your Event Note will then be permanently deleted. 


Offline Functionality & Event Info

You can still view all of your Event Info details, such as the Event Name, Start and End Dates, Start and End Times, and Venue info when you are offline. However, it should be noted that you can NOT edit your event info when you are offline.

If you try to edit any information in an event when offline, you will receive a pop-up window that will say, "Please wait to edit event information until you're online again."