How to Use Miilu’s Messenger Feature

Miilu's Messenger Feature

Whether you need to be in contact with florists, clients, makeup artists or anyone in between, Miilu’s Messenger features makes the process easy! Instead of keeping track of Google docs, text messages and emails, all communication takes place in the Miilu app itself — making the process of referencing previously-exchanged messages easier than ever before! In this article, we are going to cover how to create individual messages with all of your contacts, as well as how to create group messages.

Please note that in order to send messages to other Miilu users, they will need to accept the invitation to the event first!


1. Select the event your contact is a part of, and click on the Message button!

2. Then, click on New Message.

3. From there, choose the name of the contact you want to message!

4. You will be taken to this screen. Now, you can exchange messages back and forth!


1. Select the event you want to create a group message for, and click on the Message button!

2. Next, click on New Message.

3. Now you have the choice to create messages with individual contacts, or create a group message. You’ll want to click on New Group!

4. Enter your group name, and then select the names of those you want to include in the group message! Then, click on “Create Group.”

5. Then, you can send messages back and forth with the group!

SIDE NOTE: You can find all of your messages on the Messages home screen.

Miilu’s Messenger feature will simplify, yet revolutionize communication when planning your wedding days! Whether you are a photographer wanting to plan shots with a client, or you are an event coordinator who wants to be in touch with the day-of hair stylist and bride simultaneously regarding the getting ready location — communication always takes place, all in one app.

Comment below and tell us how Miilu’s Messenger Feature has made your wedding day planning peaceful and uncomplicated! We would love to hear from you.


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