Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Second Shooter

Second Shooter

Ahhh, a second shooter…aka, one of the bests gifts a photographer could ask for! For some weddings, you may need what is called a photography assistant. This is someone who assists you with administrative tasks and errands, who isn’t necessarily a photographer! (What’s the Difference? Second Shooter vs. Assistant) However, for some weddings, you may need an actual photographer to help you with capturing the big day! This is where a second shooter comes in handy. Having another professional, experienced photographer to support you on a wedding day can be very beneficial…and here’s why!

Can you teleport? If not, a second shooter may be helpful!
Unless you are the proud owner of the Back to the Future DeLorean, or have another way to time-travel and/or teleport at a wedding, you are not going to be able to be in two places at once. It’s physically impossible! Having a second shooter allows you both to be at events that happen simultaneously and ensure that every part of the wedding day is captured! One of you shoots the bride & bridesmaids getting ready; the other takes care of the groom and groomsmen. One of you takes care of capturing guest candids at cocktail hour; the other takes the final post-ceremony photos of the bride and groom before they change into reception clothes! All of the key moments are captured for the happy couple to look back on with a second shooter.
It’s all about the perspective…and another camera can help you capture them all!
Multiple cameras = multiple perspectives! If you are shooting the famous “first look” pose, one photographer can capture the groom’s reaction, while the other photographer takes photos of the bride’s reaction TO the groom’s reaction (which is often priceless!) Also, consider hiring a second shooter whose strengths balance out your weaknesses to gain perspectives that complement each other. If capturing details isn’t your strong suit, hire a second shooter who is highly skilled in taking detail pics!
Creating additional value, and a happy client = a happy bank account + referrals!
Ultimately, your clients get a better variety of photos…which makes them really happy….which adds value to you and your services…and could possibly bring in more referrals in the long run. Enough said. A photography assistant (Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Photography Assistantcan also be an asset in that, while they may not take photos, they can bring additional value to your services as they serve your clients!
Whether it’s taking a bathroom break, or just taking a breath — having a backup makes the whole day less stressful!
Weddings are BUSY. There is something happening the entire day — as a wedding coordinator, there have been times I have barely had time to take a bathroom break during the wedding day! Having a second shooter gives you time to compose yourself and grab a drink of water when you need it. And (fingers crossed this NEVER happens!) if your camera stops working, or your gear is stolen…or if you were to get sick mid-ceremony, you have someone there to back you up. In the words of Taylor Swift, “It’s nice to have a friend…” 🎵
It gives you a chance to invest in another photographer, which perpetually brings more value and worth to the wedding photography industry, as a whole!
One of the best ways to experience growth is to be mentored by someone who is knowledgable in the area we wish to grow in. The in’s and out’s of wedding photography are often learned while you are on the job, and being able to pass along tips to those who may not have as many years of experience as yourself brings quality to the photography industry as a whole. It truly is something special to watch someone grow as you pour into them!

Have you used a second shooter before? How has having a second shooter by your side made your life as a wedding photographer easier? Let us know in the comments below!


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