Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Photography Assistant

Photography Assistant
When Bill Withers sang, “We all need somebody to lean on,” every wedding photographer said, “I FELT that!” Sometimes you need a second shooter by your side — someone to help you capture everything happening on the big day (What’s the Difference? Second Shooter vs. Assistant). However, sometimes you just need a go-to guy (or gal!) to support you by keeping track of schedules and assisting with various tasks, who doesn’t necessarily even have to be a photographer! Hiring a photography assistant can make your life as a photographer MUCH easier — and here’s why!
You capture, the assistant communicates.
As mentioned before, wedding days are full of a million things that are often happening at once! Your photography assistant can handle relaying messages to everyone, from the clients to the DJ. They can be sure that the schedule flows as smoothly as possible by informing different groups of people when they are about to be needed for photos — getting them in place quickly!
They are the ultimate task manager!
It’s 90 degrees at the July wedding you are shooting, and the wedding party keeps making comments about needing water bottles during their outdoor shoot. BOOM — you can keep shooting, while the assistant keeps the bridal party hydrated! Your assistant can help with running day-of errands, keeping track of the schedule and supplying relief for those last-minute emergencies that come up (the button that popped off, the heel that broke, etc.)  The amount of support they can provide is endless! 
Extra eyes = extra-great photos.
You have someone by your side to help make sure the photos look as amazing as possible. The assistant can help look for those pesky fly-away hairs and make sure innocent by-standers stay out of the background of photos! The assistant is not only an extra set of eyes, but has an extra set of hands that can help you, as well. They can fluff the train of the bride’s dress, or throw the bride’s veil so you can capture that dreamy veil shot!
You have a go-to for all things “gear.”
Photographers have a lot of gear, and an assistant is a wonderful asset for keeping track of it all on a big day! They can help with prepping the gear and ensuring the gear is clean, making sure you have the lenses you need for all photo ops and everything in-between!

In the case you need someone to help take a few extra photos, oftentimes a photography assistant can step in and help!
A photography assistant does not have to have any photography experience; however, oftentimes they can be entry-level photographers who are looking to gain knowledge about wedding photography! If you do end up needing someone to take a few extra shots, an assistant can possibly step if you would like — it’s your decision! A second shooter obviously may have more experience with photography (Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Second Shooter), but an assistant often is an entry-level photographer, as stated above, that can be an asset to you when it comes to photography!

In the end, the photography assistant is ultimately there to make your life easier. They are helping you so that your focus is on taking pictures for the couple and creating memories that last a lifetime!

Have you used a photography assistant before? How was having a photography assistant beneficial? Let us know in the comments below!

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