Tips and Tricks for Shooting on Rainy Wedding Days

Rainy Wedding Day

Sometimes, Mother Nature will decide that she wants to be a guest at the weddings you are shooting — and the rain just comes pouring down! However, rain should not stop you from getting beautiful shots for your clients. Here are Miilu’s tips and tricks for how to make the most of rainy wedding days!

• TIP #1: Take care of your photography gear. Cameras and lenses may be water resistant, but there is a difference between water resistant and waterproof! Use a cover to make sure all of your gear stays safe. Having wipes to take care of your lens and filter is a safe move, as well! You also may want to think about investing in a water-proof camera bag…unfortunately, some of our friends have learned this one the hard way!

• TIP #2: Don’t forget a rain jacket and umbrella — not just for yourself, but for your couple too! You will be able to move much more comfortably to get particular shots with a rain jacket on. Keep several cute, clear umbrellas in your car that not only the couple, but the full bridal party, can use! Also, bring clear shower curtains for the bride to stand on, and for her dress to be set on, so the dress does not get muddy.

• TIP #3: Be the expert when it comes to knowing the venue you are shooting at. If your venue has a gazebo or overhangs that can be used despite rain, you can still capture photos with natural light where your couple will stay dry!

• TIP #4: We can not reiterate how important it is to stay positive. Choose to be a voice of encouragement and joy for your client. Rainy wedding days can actually create opportunities for truly amazing and unique shots to be captured. If you make up your mind to be an affirming voice, your bride and groom will likely also exemplify that same attitude and have a better experience — and in the end, isn’t creating a wonderful experience for your couple what it’s all about?!

BONUS TIP: EDUCATE your couple, as well. If there is a significant percentage of rain on a wedding day, have a sit-down conversation with your bride about different tactics and stylistic approaches you can use to create beautiful images — so the smile is genuine rather than forced! Also, remember that the actual wedding day does not have to be the sole day that portraits are taken for your couple. If your couple wants to avoid the rain, but still have photos with natural light, you can always schedule post-wedding shoots with your couples!

Got any rainy day wedding tips? Drop them in the comments section below!

Note: for the first image in the article, photo creds go to @heatherandersonphotography, and for the second image, they go to @caressarogers!


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