From Sweet Peas to Peonies: Shooting Fabulous Floral Shots

LaJoy Cox Wedding Photography

Cover photo by LaJoy Cox (@lajoyphotographyllc)

Red roses. Pretty peonies. Beautiful buttercups. Captivating carnations. Everyone has a preference for their favorite wedding flower, but no matter one’s choice, there is a common denominator with weddings and flowers — almost every wedding has them! I mean, think about it. I genuinely can not remember ever attending or coordinating a wedding where floral arrangements were not a part of the day! The arrangements play a special role in a wedding in that they can set the tone/mood for the event and bring a visual aspect of beauty to the big day! Here are a few tips and tricks on how to photograph florals so that the bride always remembers the vibrant colors, elegance and style they brought to her special day!

Oftentimes, florists will deliver the floral arrangements earlier on the day of the wedding. While the bridal party may not be ready the second after the arrangements arrive for you to take pictures of them with the flowers, you can go ahead and take creative shots of the arrangements themselves! The flowers will be in their most perfect condition upon arrival (stems are not crooked, petals are intact, etc.) That is why is it better to take pictures of the flowers early on in the day!

Susan Elizabeth (@susanelizabethweddings)

Floral shots will stand out if the colors are vibrant. Therefore, making sure you have extra light so your darker flowers glow is imperative! There are several different ways to use light to make your image radiate:
• Use reflectors to create angled light.
• Use natural sunlight from a window, doorway, etc. that is just barely out of your shot.
• If you use flash, make sure you are controlling the light to truly highlight the best details of the flowers!

A clear composition is necessary for capturing incredible floral shots! If you are laying the flowers on a table, make sure that there is no clutter taking up space in the background. Distractions and busyness will take away from the main aspect of the photo — the arrangement itself! Also, finding a neutral background to position the flowers against will help your bouquets stick out!

Susan Elizabeth (@susanelizabethweddings)

If one were to only photograph all shots of bouquets and boutonnieres straight on, with no variety, that would NOT be exciting. Arrangements are going to be more visually pleasing if taken from multiple angles, so get creative! Stand on chairs, get on your knees, look forwards and backwards — the shot possibilities with different angles are virtually endless! Also, when photographing the bridal party holding the bouquets, make sure the bouquets are angled to where you can capture as many of the flowers as possible!

Fun fact: anytime someone uses your images, they should credit you for them. I can see you shaking your head, and rolling your eyes: duh, Marah!
Think about it, though — if you work hard to take stunning floral shots, and send them to the florist, she/he could potentially use them on their website or social media — in turn promoting you, as well! A bride could be looking for flowers on the florist’s page and then fall in love with your photography…making you their ideal choice to shoot their wedding! You could even take a few shots with the florist’s logo or business card in the image to supply to the florist (after you take all of the images for your happy couple, of course!) This is a great way to build relationships with others in the wedding industry and potentially rack up even more business for you!

Susan Elizabeth (@susanelizabethweddings)

Never underestimate the power of a good photo with a beautiful flower. 😉 Take all the shots of floral arrangements on a big day, and give your bride details to remember! Have any tips for taking fantastic floral shots? Let us know in the comments below!

Note: Photo creds for the cover photo go to LaJoy Cox (@lajoyphotographyllc). All other photos featured throughout this article are credited to Susan Elizabeth (@susanelizabethweddings).


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