Step-by-Step: Setting up Facebook Business Manager

Facebook Business Manager

Our first article in the “Facebook Ads” series covered why Facebook advertising is vital in the technology-driven world we live in. Next, we are summarizing how to set up Facebook Business Manager so you can get started creating ads!

Facebook Business Manager is a free tool for businesses and organizations to help them manage and operate ad accounts, business tools and Facebook business pages in one central, easy-to-use system. The system is kept separate from the creator’s personal page, and you can give access to others who may need to work on your ads or content, all in one place! Here is how to create your account:

STEP 2: You are going to hit the “Create Account” button. (Side note: if you already have access to 4 or more Business Manager accounts, you will need to contact Facebook support to add more accounts!)

STEP 3: Enter your “main business” info — your business name, your name and the email address you want to associate with the Facebook Business Manager account. Then, simply click next! You will then submit your business details (like your address and phone number). You will be sent a confirmation email — when you receive the message, make sure to hit “Confirm Now.”

STEP 4: From there, you will want to add your Facebook business page to your account. When on the main Business Manager dashboard, you will start by clicking on Add Page.

STEP 5: Type in the name of your Facebook business page, and the name of your business should pop up. Once you find it, go ahead and click on the other Add Page button!

STEP 6: Next comes adding your Facebook ads account. If you do NOT have a previously made ad account, head over to the main dashboard. You’ll want to hit Add Ad Account, then hit Create Account. Enter your account details, click Next, verify your business use and then click on Create! Simple as that. (Side note: If you do have a previously created Ad Account, just head to the main dashboard. Then, hit Add Ad Account, and enter your ad account ID! If you don’t know your ad account ID,  it’s super easy to find it in your Ads Manager. Then, you will link to your existing ad account).

STEP 7: From here, you will finalize your Business Manager account! You will be taken into a series of steps where you will have the option to do the following:
• Add anyone helping you with your social media strategy to the Business Manager account
• Connect an ad agency or business partners
• Connect your IG account
• Increase the security on your account
• Set up your Facebook pixels (we will explain the benefits of the pixel and how to set pixels up later in the series!)

Be on the lookout for the upcoming articles in our “Facebook Ads” series, where we will be covering topics like:
• Setting Up Your Facebook Pixel
• The Differences Between Traffic and Conversion Campaigns
• How to Set up Your First Facebook Ads Campaign
and more!

If this article helped you through the process of setting up your Facebook Business Manager account, we would love to hear about it! Let us know in the comments below!


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