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In the last article in our SEO Series, The Scoop on SEO for Your Business, we broke down the basics of SEO (aka search engine optimization). We looked at why SEO is important, how search engines decide which content is a good match for a specific search and why SEO will ultimately help your business succeed! Now, it’s time to go more in-depth on what kind of content creation is going to be useful for SEO purposes!

As mentioned before, when it comes to content creation, the amount of directions you could go with the type of content you create is virtually endless! The primary purpose of this particular post is to give you an in-depth guide on what kinds of content is working for businesses in the wedding industry in real time. Here are our top 10 types of content that are popular on the World Wide Web right now!

A service page is a page included on your company site that showcases every aspect of your service. While you do not want to overwhelm your users with a ridiculous amount of information, this is where you want your service to shine — so share what you have to offer with simplicity and clarity! Demo videos are a good way to share with potential customers what you have to offer, and make sure you have a good call-to-action that will hopefully entice a potential customer to take advantage of your service!

Think of a blog as an “online diary” for your business. A blog is a way that your business can write articles to share information about your services, give tips on how to use your services and write about topics that may pertain to your field, but do not necessarily pertain to your service! Blogging helps you connect to your target audience by sharing relevant information that will better your audience’s life in some way. If you blog frequently and create high-quality content simultaneously, you will build trust with your audience and essentially build credibility for your business! WordPress is a great site for beginners to get started on creating a blog, if you are new to the game — and then you can link the blog to your website, social media, etc.

Side Note: Most types of content you create are going to live within your blog posts. Below are a few content types you can add to your blog!

Guides, simply put, explain how to do something! You can post a guide with every step listed, or you can tease your reader with a small snapshot of your guide on the first part of your site, and then link to the rest of the article to keep them on your site for a while longer! Just be original with what you choose to share, and make sure the information is helpful to the reader! In the photography industry, potential guides could be:
• “How to Choose an Outfit for Your Fall Engagement Session”
• “What a Typical Wedding Day Looks Like With Me as Your Photographer”
and the list goes on!

Interviews are a great way to generate fresh, never-before seen content! You can interview those who have used what you have to offer to create testimonials (that, again, give you credibility.) Or, interview those involved in your industry (for example, wedding photographers can interview wedding vendors!) that have insight they can offer to your readers! An example of an interview being done to offer insight in the photography industry is when we interviewed our friend Ben Clifford and asked him to share information about elopement photography. Interviews help create versatile content that is often entertaining and light to those who read the interview.

In today’s technology-driven world, creating video content is of HIGH importance! Video is engaging, easy to digest, can be entertaining if created correctly and is super accessible! When you create video content for your website, it can also be easily shared on other platforms, such as social media. Sharing the content to social media, along with SEO, will drive traffic to your site! You do not have to have the latest or fanciest equipment; if you have an iPhone, you can create videos by holding the camera up to your face (which, by the way, adds a personal touch to your videos!) If digital media is not your forte, we included an article that will help you find a great app, as a beginner digital content creator, to edit simple, yet stellar, videos after creating them on your iPhone!

Easy-to-read. Easy to remember. Lists are going to be a winner when it comes to creating content! Lists are EXTREMELY popular when it comes to Internet articles (google “top reasons Kardashians” and see how many lists come up in the search engine!) Lists are popular because, when you break information up into points, people are more likely to remember what was said. Lists are known for being practical because it’s easy to later refer to the list when conversing about the list or putting the list into practice!

Everybody loves the word “free.” EVERYBODY. If you can be creative in how you offer information, and present the information as being free, that will EXCITE potential users of your service! For example, offer a downloadable PDF to customers who register for your newsletter, or offer a free downloadable checklist that corresponds with a blog post! Make it cute, make it fun — and make it appealing!

Podcasts are another way to show your authority and expertise in a particular area or industry! For example, our friends at Bokeh Podcast have shown their authority in the photography industry by creating a podcast featuring photographers, for photographers. They are on their 334th episode at the time of this publication, which just goes to show you that tons of content can be created around a certain topic if you brainstorms ideas and get creative.

If you work in an industry that has a very particular vernacular, having a go-to glossary for all of your industry’s terms can be a simple way to create content for SEO purposes that is still useful! When is the last time you went and picked up a dictionary rather than Google a word to find the word’s definition? (I think the last time I did that was in the second grade?!)

Contests can do the same “double-duty” work that videos do; they are easily shared on social media, which can drive traffic to both your social media site platforms and your site! Contests bring immediate attention to your organization and often eliminates the “heavy-lifting” for you as links are shared and SEO rises. Contests can cause your following to grow (and be of high quality, as they are valid followers) and, as your contest is shared, favorited, tweeted, etc. your domain authority will grow! Plus, contests are always super fun. 😉 Just remember to follow guidelines set by other platforms if you are sharing to social media!

Again, these are just a list of ten suggestions to get you started on your journey with creating content…but the list could go on and on…and on! There are too many possibilities to count!

Now you may be wondering: what should I be including in the content I create to help generate SEO? Our next article will cover the basic elements of SEO, such as keywords, links and heading tags, and how to use the elements properly to place higher in search results!

What is your favorite kind of content to create for your business? What content creation ideas would you like for us to share more info on in future articles? Let us know in the comments below!


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