Getting Started: The Importance of Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads

40 years ago, advertising was primarily placed in newspapers, bulletins…even flyers on your neighborhood telephone pole. However, today we live in a technology-driven world — and that means that advertising is technology-driven too!

You have probably been scrolling through Facebook before and have seen ads for products or services that are totally relatable to you. I remember specifically scrolling through Facebook recently and seeing an ad for a conference I would love to attend — how did they know I would be interested in this conference? This advertising is CRAZY!

The benefits of Facebook advertising are incredible and can help take your business to the next level. We are writing a series of blog posts on Facebook advertising that will break down the various aspects of Facebook ads — starting with the top seven reasons why Facebook ads, specifically, are beneficial for your business!

Facebook Ads Manager allows you to target your audiences to a tee! You can create ads based on demographics, behaviors, lookalike audiences, connections, languages…the list goes on! You can even target those who currently support your competitors! You can also place tracking pixels within your websites that allow you to target customers who are looking at specific products on your site — but more on that later in the series. The specificity with Facebook ads is deeper than any other advertising platform! Quality and intentionally being able to target potential customers is IMPORTANT.

Talk about cost-effective! Facebook is one of the most affordable advertising platforms available. Statistics have shown that, if you set up your advertising strategy well, you can reach 200 people or more for as little as $5 a day! WordStream’s Paid Acquisition Coordinator, Brett McHale, said it like this: “If you go into Facebook advertising with a clear focus and follow a simple strategy, the cost-efficiency of the platform will astound you!”

Facebook advertising does not take months and months of marketing efforts to see results. Actually, the results are often seen quickly after starting a campaign! I have personally seen where Facebook ads have produced positive outcomes for a business in days.

Over the last few years, algorithms for organic reach have continued to change so that only a fraction of followers on a business page will see your posts in their feed. Due to the new algorithm, you’ll find more reach with your marketing efforts when placing an ad spend behind them!

Facebook ads are measurable. The “insights” page allows you to look at analytics — weekly reach, post engagement and how well your posts are performing — all on one, easy-to-read page! You can then adjust campaigns as you look at your insights, rather than having to wait weeks to see if your campaign is effective before making adjustments.

An ad campaign is a set of multiple advertisements that are used in an effort to achieve a particular goal. The set also revolves around one key message. Ad campaigns can be used to drive sales, generate leads or create brand awareness! We will focus on different types of ad campaigns and how they can be effective later in the series, but the simplified version is that traffic campaigns are aimed to send people to your website, while the objective of conversion campaigns is to get more sign-ups, subscribers or purchases of your product! Facebook ads allow you to create and track multiple types of campaigns — again, all in one central location! Campaign creation has never been so simple.

Not only are we living in a technology driven society, but we also live in an on-the-go society. Everyone is constantly on the move, and because Facebook ads are mobile, your advertising is keeping up with the latest trends! A billboard ad is great, but it can only be viewed if you are in front of it — whereas Facebook ads move with the viewer!

Be on the lookout for the upcoming articles in our “Facebook Ads” series, where we will be covering topics like:
• Setting up Facebook Business Manager
• Working With Facebook Ad Experts
• Setting Up Your Facebook Pixel
and more!


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