The Importance of a Backup Plan

Miilu Weather Feature

Have you ever planned outdoor portraits for your client’s wedding…but didn’t plan for the unexpected stormy skies that showed up at the venue? Or, have you ever wanted to get golden hour shots of your clients, but the schedule was pushed back and toasts were rescheduled during sunset, so you missed the shots?

The importance of creating a backup plan that works with these situations is SO important — but if you don’t even know that the stormy skies are coming, how can you even create a backup plan?! This is where Miilu’s Weather feature comes in! Miilu has an API that allows the app to show users the weather a month in advance — allowing you to create backup plans for shot lists (also located in the SAME app!) easily! Here’s a breakdown of the Weather feature for you to reference (and check out the screenshots to see where the element of the Weather feature being described is!):

SUNRISE: There are two hours known as “Golden Hour,” as our girl Kacey Musgraves would say — one being the hour after sunrise! Golden Hour is an ideal time to shoot, and Miilu tells you the exact time the sun will be coming up the day of your event, so you can plan ahead!

SUNSET: The other golden hour is the last hour before sunset, and the lighting creates the dreamiest photos! Miilu reveals the sunset time so you can plan to capture those magical shots your clients will swoon over!

RAIN PERCENTAGE: Miilu shows the rain percentage so you can make a judgment call about bringing umbrellas to your event and avoid anyone crying about their hair getting ruined! (The bride only gets wedding day hair once — we have to keep her looking fresh!)

HUMIDITY PERCENTAGE: Humidity can also cause crazy hair, not to mention sweat (raise your hand if you love a good southern wedding in the July heat!) Be ready for humidity by looking up if it will be a factor of your big day in advance!

LOW TEMPERATURE: Miilu informs you if your clients are going to need layers on layers if it gets too cold…

HIGH TEMPERATURE: and also lets you know if the makeup artist needs to stay close by to touch up the bride’s foundation due to heat!

TIMES: View a list of times by the hour for your event that aligns with the coordinating weather symbol and the temp for that time.

FAHRENHEIT VS. CELSIUS: Whether you prefer Fahrenheit, or are a fan of Celsius, Miilu lets you look at temperatures for both! Click on the right hand F in the corner to change all of the temperatures to Celsius, then click again to change back to Fahrenheit!

VENUES: If you have multiple venues for your event, you can switch between venues to see the weather for both on the big day. Click on the Event Venues button at the bottom of your Weather screen, and then select the Venue you would like to see the weather for!

OFFLINE FUNCTIONALITY: Even if you are without cell service or a Wi-Fi connection, you can still see the weather data for an event that has already been created! You can also still switch between different venues for an event to see the associated weather data for each venue that you will be at.

While Miilu is obviously not a solution to changing the weather, our app can help you create a plan for whatever weather may come your way the day of a big event! View the weather a month in advance and prep your clients for any situation that may occur. Planning allows you to capture amazing shots for your clients, no matter what the skies look like the day of your event!

Have you used the Miilu Weather feature to strategize and create backup plans for your events?


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