Shot Lists

Our easy-to-use Shot List feature allows planners, photographers, and their clients to collaborate on and plan the perfect set of photographs to remember the special event.

Miilu Features:

  • A shot list template library to help you get started.
  • Timeline & Shot List integration to organize shots throughout the day.
  • Client and vendor notifications of changes and updates.
  • In-app messaging to keep an open line of communication with clients and vendors.

If you’re ready to get started with creating your own shot list in Miilu, create an account today and your first event is free for 30 days!

Shot List Templates for Photographers

Ready to get started with Miilu, but want some guidance on creating your shot list? We offer a variety of shot list templates to help wedding and event photographers plan out the photos they’ll capture at their big event. Below are a list of the current shot list templates, but please know we’re actively working to add more templates or accept user provided templates.

Wedding Shot List Templates

Elopement Portraits Template

Bride & Groom Portraits Template

First Look Template

Wedding Party Portraits Template

Standard Portraits Template

Full Wedding Template

Styled Shoot Templates

Event Shot List Templates

Bar / Bat Mivzvah

Birthday Shot List Template

Using Miilu’s Shot List Templates

1. To use the templates, select the event where the Shot List you wish to create a template with is located, and then click on Shot List.

2. Click on the Notebook icon. 

3. You will be able to choose from Miilu templates or the templates you have created. Click the template you wish to use from the Miilu section. 

4. When taken to this screen, click on Add. 

5. The template will be added to your Timeline. 

Want to see a step-by-step breakdown? Head to our support site.

Create Your Own Shot List Template

1. Select the event where the Shot List is located, and then click on Shot List. 

2. To create a template in your Shot List, click on the Notebook icon.

3. When asked, “Would you like to add a template, or create a template?” click on Create.

4. A screen will appear with a blank, where you can name your template. Type in the Template Title, press Done,  and then click on the Create button.

5. A notification should then appear that says, “Template added successfully!”

Want to see a step-by-step breakdown? Head to our support site.

If you’d prefer to create your shot list on the computer, head to your account dashboard in your web browser and click My Shot List Templates.

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